3.12 Help me PASS for people who need the basics first.

This page is Excellence and Merit understanding.

You must know these rules and when they apply (with 95% confidence)

Excuse the mess on this page - this is all new and the information is fragmented at this stage.
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This images are exclusively for 95% confidence intervals

You should not be required to know the real formulae - but they may be a way to display statistical insight.
They could be a great way of gaining credit towards excellence!
Below you can get the margin of error rules of thumb by substituting p=0.5 into all to get max error.
For the third one assume the same n value, and 1.4 rounds up to 1.5 for ease of use.
Understand the rules of thumb are not exact - but there are no exact answers in stats anyway!
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For experts
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3.12 Digipoll Example 1

Option Line 2

Option Line 5


Option Line 2

Option Line 5

Margin of Error

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Thinking deeply about the Rule of Thumb and the actual Rule

Extra for experts

Do not MIX the real rule and the rule of thumb