Conduct an experiment to investigate a situation using experimental design principles
Randomisation Regroup
New standard

I will teach some of the key ideas of this internal in one or two lessons.
As we are not doing the internal, but the information could come up in 3.12 Reports

- Get 8 students to volunteer for an exercise experiment
- Randomly assign them to two groups of four
- Choose an exercise, sit-ups, push-ups or dips
- Send the second group out of the room! (to reduce bias)
- For 2 minutes get the first group to perform reps with no music playing
- For 2 minutes get the second group to perform reps with fast music playing
- Enter the results into iNZight (how many reps in 2 minutes)
- Compare the two groups to see if there is a difference
- Do the randomization regroup to compare the differences created by chance alone
- Did the treatment of fast music affect the speed of exercise?

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