These 3 awesome Videos are from Dr Nicola Ward Petty

Bootstrap can be done in iNZight - and here is a rough video to guide you if you get stuck
The video is only on getting the software to perform, not about what the software is DOING! ;-)

Sampling in real life.
Quote from above link:
- Move the slider to change the sampling size and accuracy.
- When you release the slider, report data is refreshed using the new sample size.
- Producing Unsampled Reports requires a huge processing load...access to this feature is limited.
My reason for including this link and information...very real, every day life!
- Google Analytics is a tool for businesses looking at advertising, sales, customers etc
- An understanding of sampling is important when interpreting the results from samples.
- Even though we DO have access to the entire population, AND it is in electronic format, sampling is used.
- Computers have come a long way with their processing power, but, still when millions of records are being processed, it takes time!

Getting our heads around Sampling