Median is best
Must be numerical
Must be catagorical
Must be stated

This page is for struggling students only

•(Pose a comparison investigative question)
•(Select and use appropriate displays and summary statistics)
Describe Box Plots (median, IQR, shape)
•(Discuss sample distributions)
Explain you are using a sample to guess about the population and a different sample would give a different result.
This is why you give a range of values not a single value.
•(Discuss sampling variability, including the variability of estimates)
It is a fairly safe bet that...
•(Make an appropriate formal statistical inference)
Answer your question
•(Communicate findings in a conclusion and link findings back to the purpose of the investigation.)
2016 - you must discuss sampling variability to PASS

Two examples where the bootstrap distribution does NOT include zero so we CAN make the call.

One example when the bootstrap interval includes zero so we can NOT make the call.

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The Analysis Part - Describe your sample statistics

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