Use statistical methods to make a formal inference
BootStrap Resample
New ways
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Inference, using bootstrap confidence intervals

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Use statistical methods to make a formal inference.
Use statistical methods to make a formal inference, with justification.
Use statistical methods to make a formal inference, with statistical insight.

is the sample internal Elite Athletes
is the Elite Athletes Data
is the sample internal New Zealand Crash Statistics
is the NZ Crash Statistics Data

In year 10 you did "sample to population inference" this standard is just at a higher level.
Think back to "Are Boys Taller than Girls in Year 10?"
You are expected to:
- Research into a familiar context and link what you see throughout the PPDAC cycle to this research
- Integrate informed contextual knowledge throughout the PPDAC cycle.
- Use re-sampling methods (bootstrap confidence intervals) as a tool to answer your investigative question
- Note: we are looking at the difference in means or medians
- Write a research report with meaning and interpretation of the resulting statistical findings.
- You will have one period in the computer lab, and one in class. You will have time to research prior to the Internal.
Making the call up until now http://2013maths.wikispaces.com/file/view/InferenceMakingTheCall.pdf
Now we move to formal inference.
Lets Look at what you have done before - and compare it with what you have to do now

So the difference is we are looking at means, not just medians, and we have a new (very cool) tool - > Resampling (Bootstrap)
Resampling (Bootstrap)
A technique in which samples are taken repeatedly from an existing sample or existing samples.
Here are the visuals to use whilst teaching the concept http://www.stat.auckland.ac.nz/~wild/BootAnim/