Investigate bivariate measurement data
Relationship Scatter
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Investigate bivariate data 2013

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Investigate bivariate measurement data.
Investigate bivariate measurement data, with justification.
Investigate bivariate measurement data, with statistical insight.

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is sample task about sports science
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Use The PPDAC cycle
- Select and use appropriate displays
- Identify features in the data
- Find an appropriate model
- Describe the nature and strength of the relationship, and relate this to context
- Use the model to make a prediction
- Communicate findings in a conclusion
Students are to locate their own data and background information from the internet or other sources.
see updated version above
see updated version above
You can get your own data from here: http://www.statsci.org/data/oz/ais.html
For excellence you need to understand the difference between correlation and causation.
Just because there is a relationship between two variables does NOT mean one CAUSED the other.
Which is also used for statistical reports EXTERNAL

Maui's Dolphin: Uncovering a new subspecies


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