We are NOT doing this standard in the Stats Course 2013,

3D Equations 3 Credits Internal

Apply systems of simultaneous equations in solving problems
3D Equations
Was External
IS THE STANARD as per November 2012
http://2012maths.wikispaces.com/13stats+3.4+Solving+Equations from 2012
Technology helps us visualize 3D graphs, there are a number of choices available for free
On your iphone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quick-graph/id292412367?mt=8 quick graph
On your android:
On your PC: I think GraphCalc is the best
http://calculator.runiter.com/graphing-calculator/online-graphing-calculator.htm not great graphics, kind of works online, can download too
http://www.graphcalc.com/download.shtml looks like you have to download?

The one below is the recommended, but only seems to graph one at a time? And it does not work on an iPad!

is the formulae sheet for this internal
is SAMPLE A internal as of November 2012
is SAMPLE B internal as of November 2012
All three are sourced from